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Day 1. Monday 14th

11-12. welcoming

13.00. Lunch

Secretion and degradation I

14:30. Thierry Galli: “Unconventional Secretion in the Nervous System”

16:00. Silvia Coco: “Mesenchymal Stem Cell Extracellular Vesicles: A New Challenge for Brain Diseases?”

Social Dinner.


Day 2. Tuesday 15th

Membrane Trafficking and neurodegeneration

9:00. Shawn Ferguson: “Lysosome Dysfunction in Neurodegenerative Disease”

10:30. Peter McPherson: “DENN-Domain-Mediated Regulation of Rab GTPases in Neurological Disease

Social Event: Visit of Como and Museum

13.30. Lunch

Membrane dynamics at the synapse

14:30. Kohji Takei: “Interplay between Membrane Dynamics and Cytoskeletal Dynamics”

16:00. Ira Milosevic “Towards understanding synaptic transmission in the ageing brain”


17:15. Coffee Break

17:30. Student Session I


Day 3. Wednesday 16th

Secretion and degradation I                          

9:00. Michele Solimena: “Secretory Granules/Large Dense Core Vesicles: The Other Side of Regulated Exocytosis. Lessons from the Pancreatic Islet Beta Cells””

10:30. Roberto Zoncu: “Lysosomes in Nutrient Sensing and Cellular Growth Control”

Social Event: visit of the Villa of Grumello and botanical Garden

13.30. Lunch

Membrane Trafficking and neurodegeneration II

14:30. Volker Haucke: “Lipid Switches in Cell Physiology: From Membrane Dynamics to Disease”

16:00. Gilbert Di Paolo: “Role of Lipids in Neurodegeneration”

17:15. Coffee Break

17:30. Student Session II


Day 4. Thursday 17th 


9:30. Michela Matteoli: “The Synapse as a Target of the Immune System: Role of Microglia”

10:30. Evelina Gatti: “Unconventional Secretion Linking Cellular Stress and Innate Sensing: Lessons for the Neuroimmune Dialogue”

Social Event: Sailing on the lake


16:30. Davide Pozzi: “The Synapse as a Target of the Immune System: Role of Cytokines”


Day 5. Friday 18th

10:00. Keynote Lecture: Pietro De Camilli.

Introduced by Prof. Maria Paola Canevini

11:00. Final discussion with all speakers and students

13:00. Lunch