Confirmed Speakers and seminar’s title


Keynote Lecture: Pietro De Camilli
Yale University School of Medicine


Thierry Galli: “Unconventional secretion in the nervous System”

Evelina Gatti: “Unconventional secretion linking cellular stress and innate sensing: lessons for the neuroimmune dialogue”

Michele Solimena: “Secretory granules/large dense core vesicles: the other side of regulated exocytosis. Lessons from the pancreatic islet beta cells”

Silvia Coco: “Mesenchymal stem cell extracellular vesicles: a new challenge for brain diseases?”

Gilbert DI Paolo: “Role of lipids in neurodegeneration”

Shawn Ferguson: “Lysosome dysfunction in neurodegenerative disease”

Roberto Zoncu: “Lysosomes in nutrient sensing and cellular growth control”

Volker Haucke: “Lipid switches in cell physiology: from membrane dynamics to disease”

Kohji Takei: “Interplay between membrane dynamics and cytoskeletal dynamics”

Ira Milosevic: “Towards understanding synaptic transmission in the ageing brain”

Michela Matteoli: “The synapse as a target of the immune system: role of microglia”

Davide Pozzi: “The synapse as a target of the immune system: role of cytokines”

Peter McPherson: “DENN-domain-mediated regulation of Rab GTPases in neurological disease”